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DeathTalker: Chapter 3

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"After some investigation, I have determined that the projectile used to kill the assassin came from Cameeno."

Yoda looked down, thinking. The rest of the council members were reacting in various ways, depending on their views of Anakin and the "Chosen One" prophecies.

"Has the boy ever shown this ability before?"

"No master, but then, I doubt he has been so close to someone dying like this."

Mace Windu nodded.

"Whatever the cause, this is something that we should look into."

"Agree, I do."

The rest of the council nodded in agreement.

"Continue with your investigation, you should, Obi-Wan. Our own investigation, the council will make, into this unexpected ability young Skywalker has displayed."

The Jedi Knight bowed and departed.

"Hello Anakin, thanks for meeting me here."

Anakin turned and smiled nervously as Obi-Wan stepped from the elevator. They were in senator Amadala’s waiting area, along with Capt. Banaka. The Jedi walked into the room.

"You look tired."

"I didn’t get much sleep last night."

"Well perhaps we can help you with that."


"The council would like you to drop by and talk with them about what you saw last night. Perhaps they’ll ask you to stay on Coruscant for a few days."

"But, umm, I’ll be needed back on Naboo – my squadron is probably upset with me as it is!"

Capt. Banaka cut in.

"Don’t worry on that account, I’ve already cleared you for ‘special assignment’ with the Senator’s security for at least a week."

"Thanks a lot."

Banaka smiled evilly.


Obi-Wan slapped Anakin on the back.

"Master Jedi."

All eyes turned to Padme as she entered the room.

"What can I do for you?"

The Jedi bowed somewhat nervously.

"The council feels that it would be wise to leave the capital for a few days, for your own safety."

Capt. Banaka cocked an eyebrow at the senator.

"That is out of the question. One person has already died getting me to Coruscant – this vote is too important."

"We feel that your security is also important."

"As a public servant it is my duty to carry the voice of Naboo to the Senate."

Obi-Wan sighed and looked down.

"I have taken the liberty of consulting with the Supreme Chancellor on this matter and he concurs."

"I see."

If looks could kill, thought Anakin, that guy would be toast.

"This is an executive order then, I take it."

"Only if you insist m’lady."

The senator glared at Obi-Wan for a few seconds. Even Banaka started to fidget.

"Have representative Binks report immediately. Prepare to return to Naboo."

Padme whirled and stalked out of the room.

"Perhaps I should accompany the Senator back to Naboo, for security?"

"Are you really sure you want to be around that kid?

"Good point."

"Well, on the bright side, your interview with the council should be more amicable..."

As others had before them, the Jedi council waited. The sun was setting on Coruscant as they contemplated the nature of the force and what this latest development could mean.

"Late he is."

"I don’t think he likes us for some reason."

"Well, a lot of people are nervous around us."

"Maybe it would help if we got a chair or something."

"Now we’ve been through that before…"

Yoda drummed his claws.

Elsewhere in the temple Anakin was becoming increasingly frustrated.

"Are you sure you know where your going?"

"Patience you must learn, if Jedi, you are going to become."

"But I’m not going to become a Jedi!"

The little green creature, who looked like a younger version of Yoda, whirled and confronted Anakin.

"Start that not, with me, or sorry, you will become!"

"You’re awfully pugnacious for a Jedi."

"Too long, around, have I been, a punk like you, crap, to take from!"

"Well, you look younger than Yoda."

"Yoda! Ha! Talk of pugnacious! Seen him, you should have, when younger he was! Ha! Here we are!"

Some large double-doors opened into the council area. The little green creature bounded into the room and hopped into one of the chairs. Anakin followed him in and looked around. The council seemed…odd. The other members were from various races, but Anakin didn’t recognize any of them.

"To the business at hand!"

Anakin waited expectantly. Time passed. One of the council members cleared his throat. Anakin fidgeted.


"Ummm…you were the ones who summoned me, I have no idea what you wanted. Probably has something to do with that damn assassin."

A councilmember who looked something like Obi-Wan Kenobi with dark hair spoke from behind Anakin.

"The assassin is more of a symptom than the problem. We need to talk about…accommodations."

"Accommodations?! What do you mean?"

"And the whole business with how Jedi are trained these days: it’s a total disgrace!"

Another council member of some alien race had spoken, Anakin had to turn around again in order to face him.

"But…but…what do I have to do with how Jedi are trained?"

"Well, take a look at yourself! You call yourself a Jedi?!!"

"No I don’t, I’m not a Jedi!"

"And that is what we need to really talk about!"

The last voice seemed familiar, but in a very odd way. Anakin turned around again and regarded Qui-Gon Gin, who was sitting in one of the council chairs.

"What the hell is going on? You’re supposed to be dead!"

"And you’re supposed to be a Jedi! Don’t change the subject!"

"Now wait just a minute!"

At that moment, the doors to the chamber opened and a Jedi Knight entered.

"Anakin Skywalker?"

"The council is in session! How dare you interrupt us!"


"The council wishes to see you now. Please follow me."

"But this guy said that the council was here."

The Jedi who turned and gave him a quizzical look.

"The council once met here, but that was a long time ago."

"Probably because master Yoda felt a draft!"

Anakin started following the other Jedi out.

"Where do you think you’re going?"

"But the other Jedi here said the council was meeting elsewhere and I don’t recognize any of you!"

"Yes, it is not polite to keep the council waiting."

"We are the council! That other bunch of fools can barely figure out which end of a lightsabre to hold!"

"And Qui-Gon here is supposed to be dead!"

The other Jedi was regarding Anakin with concern.

"Are you feeling alright?"


"Well, admitting a problem is the first step in solving it."

"The first step to solving this problem would be to leave this damn fun-house!"

The Jedi stiffened at that.

"I will have you know that the Jedi have served the galaxy with distinction and honor for over 5,000 years."

"And in all that time you can’t figure you where the council chambers are?!"

The younger version of Yoda sniggered at this.

"As I have said: if you will just follow me I can lead you to the council."

"That’s what he said and look where it got me!"



Anakin pointed at the little green man. The Jedi advanced into the room and peered at chair that Anakin was pointing at. Then he looked worriedly at Anakin himself.

"There’s no one there."

"Yes there is: he’s sitting right in front of you!"

"I told you, there’s no one there."

"You’re not even looking at him."

Anakin grabbed the man and pointed him towards the creature. The Jedi stiffened, as if he were getting ready to do something violent, but then his eyes opened wide and he gasped.

"Wait…I can almost…"

"There! Now you see what I’m talking about?"

The man was squinting intently into the space where the alien was sitting. To his chagrin, now Anakin was having trouble seeing him. Going…going…gone.

"What the hell?"

He looked about, but the room was empty now.

"What’s going on here?"

"I…I don’t know. For a few moments there I thought I…saw someone…master Trigon…"

"Is he on the council?"

"Well…he once was…but that was over 500 years ago."

"What happened to change that?"

The Jedi straightened up.

"He died."

"That’s it! I’m outta here!"

"Not so fast! You’re coming with me!"

"Now look you…"

Anakin was rapidly using up his reserves of patience.

"Alright…but one more ghost or piece of Jedi crap and…and…"


The two of them stormed out of the old chambers.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"See through you, we can."

"Wonderful, can I go now?"

Yoda frowned.

"Impatient, you are."

"Well, I’d not applying for a Jedi scholarship this time. Unless you want to charge me with aiding and abetting a known Jedi, you’d better get to the point."

"You have been brought before us because you claim to be able to talk to the dead."

"I’ve claimed nothing of the sort…it could have been a hallucination."

"Believe that, you do not."

"Whatever. What difference does it make?"


Anakin turned and regarded a council member with an extremely long neck who had spoken. As he looked at the alien, he couldn’t help noticing that the other council members seemed…uncomfortable.

"What the heck is ‘Deathtalker?’"

"Deathtalker is not a person. It is a title, an ability that some people have to that allows them to talk to the recently departed."

Was it his imagination, or was Mace Windu glaring at the other council member?

"So what’s the problem?"

"A rare ability, deathtalking is, and closely associated with the Sith."

"You mean like that Jedi who killed Qui-Gon?"

"That was a Sith lord, not a Jedi."

"So you think I’m a Sith?"

The council members regarded him coolly.

"If I were a Sith, why would I tell Obi-Wan about it? Besides, you’ve been watching me all my life! I couldn’t have kept something like that hidden!"

"Correct, in that, you are."

Yoda sighed and looked down.

"Trained as a Jedi, you have not been. Yet ‘chosen one,’ some still feel you may be. To find out that you are a Deathtalker is…disturbing."


All eyes turned to the Jedi who had escorted Anakin to the council.

"I feel there are some things about this man’s abilities that you should know…"


"When I found Skywalker, he was in the North tower. He said he had been brought there by someone…by someone who resembled Master Trigon."

Yoda’s ears raised at this news. From around the council chambers, Anakin could hear gasps.

"What’s more for a moment I…seemed to see Master Trigon myself."

"I take it this isn’t normal for a Deathwalker?"

At first no one responded until finally Mace answered him.

"As far as we know, no Deathtalker is capable of communicating with anyone who has been dead more than a few hours."


Yoda stood.

"To discuss this new information, the council must! Mandor!"

The Jedi who had spoken about Anakin’s abilities looked up.

"Stay here; escort Anakin, another will. Anakin: a few more days, on Coruscant, stay, you must. Soon, call on you, the council will."

Anakin went to leave the chamber. As he passed Mandor, he growled "Thanks a heap!"

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