Sunday, January 6, 2008

Previous Polls

What Sort of Stories Would You Like to See?

Blogger cleverly does not allow you to save poll results; or at least I have figured out how to. This being the case, I'm going to take screen shots (yes, screen shots) and post them here in order to save the previous polls.

Too Much Dialog?

I think blogger needs to get their act together with these polls. You can barely read them after you've voted. At any rate, the question was "do you think the characters in my stories talk too much?" The options were: "I like the way it is now, These guys blather too much, They talk? Are you sure? And I *still* don't see any gnomes!"

And the gnomes have it! Mind you, one of those votes was from me, but still :-)

What sort of story would you like to see next?

As usual I can't see the text so here is what the options were:

  • Something new
  • Another Deathtalker story
  • More Tentacle Luuuuv baby!
  • Keep writing GroupThink
  • Screw your lousy writing, and your wussy site too!
I'm going to finish GroupThink before moving on to other stuff, so I probably should have phrased it differently or removed the option to continue it. I guess this reveals deep-seated control issues...or at least fear of gn0mez.

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