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I guess Glenda had left instructions about me, because the secretary made me wait this time. She seemed all nervous about something and kept glancing up at me. I tried to put her at ease by forming a mouth, I'm getting better at it I swear, but that just seemed to make things worse. She actually got up and left - I mean that's totally rude - but at least that way I could get into Glenda's office.

I figured that if I didn't knock then she couldn't tell me to go away, so I slimed under the door.

Glenda was at her desk doing her palms (humans are weird) because she had her face in her hands, but I know she's never down so it must have been that. Anyhow, I cleared my throat (well, made a gurgling noise) and she looked up at me.

"Oh Yog, it's you."

"Sorry to burst in on you like this, but, well, Herb is getting out of control."

She considered this really seriously, cuz, like, I've never seen her with such a, like, serious face.

"You could kill him."

"Isn't that, like, a bit extreme?"

"Not for Heartworms."

I thought about this for a bit.

"Couldn't you talk to him?"

"If you're just going to kill him anyways, what's the point?"

"I didn't say I was going to kill him!"

I thought I heard her curse under her breath, but I guess that was just my imagination.

"Also Xema is kinda, like, scaring me."

At this Glenda looked hopeful.

"You're going to kill her too?"


Glenda signed and leaned back. Her secretary chose that moment to burst in.

"Ms. Headmistress, it looks like Yog ARGH!"

Glenda's secretary dropped some papers and left (ran actually). I helpfully tried to, like, help Glenda pick them up. One of them caught my eye (stalk).

"If we don't do something we'll have the largest graduating class in the history of Heartworms."

I pointed this out to Glenda. It didn't seem to help.

"What exactly did he do to upset you?"

"He...touched me."

"I thought that would make his skin dissolve."

"He had gloves."

"Didn't they dissolve?"

"Not quickly enough."

Glenda sighed and seemed to lapse into thought. Then she had a flash of insight.

"Xema is very jealous and protective!"

"Yeah that's the problem."

"AND she's a sociopath, textbook case!"

"If you say so."

Glenda seemed to be thinking hard and muttering to herself.

"It wouldn't really matter which one least that way we wouldn't make history..."

She looked up as if she had just remembered that I was there and gave me this, like, Herb-ish grin.

"Well, can't bore you to death with my musings! Off you go!"

"But we only just started talking!"

"No, no. I won't take up any more of your time!"

She tried to "poof" me out of her office, but I had been practicing counter-spells.

"You're making very good progress!"

"Yeah, self-preservation."

But Glenda had "poofed" herself out this time.


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Tanis said...

so is she really a "good" witch per se?
Also, we secretaries prefer the appellation "Administrative Assistant" - because there's more letters in it than "secretary".. :)
Looks good, fourteen pages! *and* the pages have writing on them...