Sunday, December 14, 2008

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The students of Demonology and Applied Sciences shuffled into the dark, tomb-like confines of the classroom. The instructor, a dark and mysterious instructor who went by the name of "Darth Sideous" (for some reason he eschewed the title of "professor"), sat in a large, throne-like chair on a dais in front of the students.

Even Xema was rather subdued in the presence of the silent and watchful teacher. Herbert settled into the desk next to her with only one muffled "ouch" when he hit his shin on a leg.

A bell rang somewhere and Sideous rose to his feet, speaking in a low but penetrating voice.

"The first thing you must know about demonology is the need to be exacting."

A rather pudgy youngster bustled into the room and attempted to get to his seat.

"You're late!"

The young man froze, his eyes swiveling to meet the dark robed teacher.

"Please sir! It was just a minute – it wont happen again!"

Darth Sideous regarded him from beneath the cowl of his robes.

"Well, you're right about one thing…"

Blue bolts of eldritch power flashed from the teachers hands like miniature lightning bolts to enfold the would-be truant. The child was lifted off the ground and thrown against a wall, which he remained stuck to, like some insect on an examining table.

"You shall pay for this lack of forsight!"

Darth Sideous was, by now, cackling with evil delight as his bolts of energy drew cries of pain from the unfortunate.

Just then, a flash of light appeared next to the throne that the dark professor had been sitting in. A smiling woman, looking like some prom queen in a white dress and bearing a wand with a star on it's end, materialized and smiled benignly at the class.

"Professor Sideous."

The dark instructor was too enthralled with what he was doing and kept zapping his student.


Darth Sideous turned about to glare at the new arrival. The boy he had been zapping fell from the wall and crumpled on the ground.

"Oh, Glenda…"

Glenda, the good witch of the West, beamed happily and made her announcement.

"Class, we have a new arrival: this is our new transfer student from Ray-yuck!"

The students in the demonology class glanced about uncertainly, but could not make out the new class member. Even Darth Sideous looked around, sneering slightly as he did so. Glenda's smile took on a forced quality as she turned and spoke to something in the shadows behind her.

"Oh don't be shy now. Class this is Cthulu-rck-yog-slothoth!"

A greenish puddle of slime shuffled out from behind Glenda, formed a single hairy eye-stalk and regarded the students. Even Darth Sideous seemed a bit taken aback.

"Headmistress, are you sure that…"

But Glenda cut him off, speaking rather loudly and quickly.

"Now I'm counting on all of you to make him feel welcome. I must be going, toodle-loo!"

With a white flash, the Good Witch disappeared. Darth Sideous considered the new student.

"You can take Pudley's desk."

The teacher pointed to desk recently vacated by the unfortunate late student. Yog-Slothoth bubbled in it's direction. The students along the route took their feet off the floor.

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Tanis said...

oooh! A crossover! Interesting... :)

Da Gome said...

Exceptionellement fou, mon chou!

Tanis said...

Also, who is the headmaster, Glenda or the Bad Witch? Just curious :)