Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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I wanted to make this an angsty, teenage, melodramatic romantic spoof. The first two pages were written from a 1st person perspective whereas angsty, etc. stories must always be told from the first person!

I read that in a book, so it must be true. Alright; it was a web page, but still...

Anyhow, I wanted to give 1st person a try here are the results so far:

When my mom (or was it dad? I mean, when you're a slime, well, whatever) came in and announced that I had been accepted at Heartworms, I was really excited until I realized that I would be leaving all my friends and that all these other slimes (err...kids?) might not like me and stuff so I burst into tears and oozed out of the room.

Maybe I should start again.

I was really depressed when my...parent told me that I was going off to AU (even though the name of the place is Heartworms, I mean the place isn't really evil, like, you know, but the name is historic and stuff dating back a little bit, well it's a little bit to us since we've been around like, millions of years, ya know?). This was, cuz, stuff, like, you know. Things.


My first day at Heartworms went OK, though I was really nervous. For some weird reason I had arrived a few days late, for which I totally blame my mom! She kept oozing over me and saying stuff like "my little slime!" and then we would get all mixed up and it would take, like, half an hour to get all the pseudo pods and organelles sorted out...

Yeah, pseudo pods...slimes...I guess I should start there.

I'm this young example of a culture that started in a pool and went bravely onwards for 50 jillion years! OK, we're not 50 jillion years old, but we, the slimes, have been around for a long time. I mean I haven't been around all that time exactly, cuz you see, we slimes don't have moms and dads like you weirdo ventalors or vertibrators or whatever you call yourselves. We have always known what the right cytoplasm is and make sure we just stick with that.

Not that I hold that against you guys. Especially if you are reading this. And paid for it first. Cuz I need money for clothes since they keep dissolving on me.

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Tanis said...

tee hee.. he sounds cute. even if he is cthulu ;)