Thursday, December 25, 2008

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I guess the idea behind Parent's Day is for the parents to, like, see their children...ya know? The odd thing was that the parents that seemed like the happiest were the ones whose kids had died. They were shaking hands with the teachers and smiling, whereas the ones whose children had made it were scowling and stuff.

At least my parents were happy to see me. Dad had split in two for the occasion so both Mom and Dad were there!

"Who's my leeeetle slime-ums?" Asked Mom.

"Hero of the Heart-v-U game!" Proclaimed Dad.

I formed a mouth and grinned happily as they smothered me. After we had, like, gotten things straight again we talking about school and stuff when there was this flash of light and Glenda the Good appeared.

"Oh hello Mr. Slime; I mean Ms. Slime! Er...Slime..."

Ms. always smiling's face dropped a stitch and she looked down.

"Um...sorry to be ah...standing in you. Your-child-is-doing-very-well-oh-look-I-have-to-go!"

At least Glenda didn't stay long.

I was so glad my roomie wasn’t around to see the whole thing (she had bought it in biology when Prof. Xenerside had neglected to mention that the insects we were messing with were very poisonous), and my parents had brought some extra acids, bases and some worshipper casserole (they don't make it the same at Heartworms…actually they don't, like, make it here at all), so I put all the stuff away after Mom & Dad fused back together and headed off.

I was like, oozing around the hallways, not because I was all happy from seeing my parents cuz that would be, like totally immature, when I passed Prof. Sideous's room. He was in talking with Herbert's parents.

"And I want to congratulate you on my son's recent ah…'graduation' from Heartwords."

I couldda sworn that 'Erb's dad slipped the wizened old creep some money.

" was nothing." Darth Sideous made the money smoothly disappear.

"Oh! Don't worry Mr...ah...Herbert's Dad! Herb's fine!"

Herbert's father turned abruptly towards me. Darth's eyes, more slowly, swiveled to where I was.

"I...I just saw him..." One nice thing to being a slime is that in these situations I don't have to worry about whether you non-slimies can read my expression. Herb's father glared at Darth.

"Is this true?"

"I can assure you that Herbert will graduate on schedule...along with anyone else who warrants such an honor."

His last statement was made through gritted teeth as the teachers eyes blazed under his hood.

I couldn't figure out what the problem was with these two, but I decided that I should move along.

"I guess I'll just be moving on now..."

I had only just oozed out of the doorway when a blast of eldritch, like, power flashed through the door and blasted the wall behind it. I guess Darth wanted to show off his skill. There followed some angry sounding whispers.

No offense, but sometimes you upright types are weird.

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Tanis said...

getting mysterious.....
it gives a whole new meaning to the term "divorced parents" :)
I like it :)