Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Evening - Author's Notes

I can't imagine anyone being interested in my creative process, mostly since this would require readers, but I think it might be interesting for me to jot down some thoughts as I go through creating the story.

The big thing that I've taken away from reading comments by Stephen King, Terry Pratchett and others is that it is very important to write something. The idea is that it is at least possible to rewrite or edit a bad section, but it's much harder to do this if you have not written anything.

Thus the subject, a spoof of Twilight, Romance novels and Harry Potter. I really don't care about these genres, although I like the Harry Potter movies. For the most part.

Furthermore, you see the initial cut of the text is a complete mess, with conflicting plot elements, changing point of view from the narrative, etc. The idea was just to write and then edit later.

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Tanis said...

I think it turned out good. So there. :P