Thursday, February 19, 2009

Evening - Outline


I've mad a Faustian deal with myself: I can write a page or so of a new story I'm interested in so long as I first outline two pages! OK, so that's not very Faustian, but it is a way of getting myself to make progress on this story.


Gaaah! Only managed 2 chapters this time. Furthermore, because I'm lazy, I'm posting the whole outline here.

  • Page 1
    • Introduce Erbert
    • Introduce Xema
    • Introduce W^3
    • Establish Xema as jealous
    • Establish Hogwort's & student survival
  • Page 2
    • Introduce Darth Sidious
    • Darth Sidious is very unforgiving.
    • Introduce Glenda
    • Introduce Yog
    • Yog is a puddle of slime
  • Page 3
    • Switch from 3rd person to first person (ARGH)
    • Yog talks like a valley girl
    • Yog's homelife
  • Page 4
    • Yog visits Glenda
    • Yog makes Glenda's secretary nervous
    • Yog arrives at Darth's class
  • Page 5
    • W^3's class
    • Yog meets Erbert
    • Xema is jealous
    • W3 disposes of Hamster and Grendel
    • W3 is fond of disposing of students
  • Page 6
    • Yog looks at the stars
    • Yog runs into Erbert
    • Are the stars right?
    • Aaaand now the punchline: no
    • Spoof of MPatHG music bit
    • And in comes Xema
    • Establish more of a reason for Xema to be jealous
    • Establish that Erbert thinks Yog is interesting
    • Xema tries to kill Yog
    • Establish that Yog is very hard to kill
  • Page 7 - the Match
    • Establish wizards vs. barbarians
    • Establish that wizards are getting killed (ooh a pun)
    • Establish that the teachers think this is a good thing(tm)
    • Ball? There's a ball?
    • Yog speaks up and gets sent in.
    • Yog can't be killed with a sword
    • The barb runs off like a leeeeetle gurl.
    • Silly bit: "I'll save you" "OH GOD NO!"
    • Yog fries a bunch of barbs and becomes the hero of the day
    • Establish that Yog is good with magic
    • Establish that Yog is the unoffical class hero
    • Establish that Yog is at odds with the teachers
  • Page 8 - parents day
    • Establish that the parents are trying to get rid of the kids
    • Yog's parents are glad to see him/her/it
    • Glenda is still good
    • Erbert's parents are not at all happy that their son has not "graduated."
    • Establish another motive for the teachers to do in the students
  • Page 9 - Exam Cram
    • Do good...or else...
    • The other students have given up hope
    • Yog meets Erbert in the library.
    • Establish Erbert as an emo
    • Erbert and Yog share an interest in poetry
    • Establish that Yog can form extra limbs and eye-stalks
    • Aaand Xema catches them
  • Page 10 - the Field Trip
    • The class is visiting a temple
    • Idea: Have the students chained together so they can't escape.
    • Idea: Give a couple more W3 quotes.
    • W3's plan to waste some more students.
    • Uncle Astrothoth
    • Yog comes upon Xema & Erbert
    • Xema discovers a slime's weakness: fire
  • Page 11 - The Field Trip continued
    • Yog fills in Erbert about Uncle Astroth
    • Yog and Erbert share a romantic walk
    • Slimes don't have spouses, humans can't lonely.
    • Erbert tries to kiss Yog and burns his mouth
    • Xema is the class hero
  • Page 12
    • Yog worries about how to break it off with Erbert
    • Yog visits Glenda for relationship advice
    • Glenda swears
    • Glenda tries to get Yog out of her office but Yog plays a cheap shot.
    • Yog points out that if she lets Erbert down hard, the boy could kill himself.
    • Glenda tells Yog to let Erbert down hard.
  • Page 13 - Heart to Organelle Talk
    • Yog tells Erbert that she doesn't love him
    • Erbert tells Yog he doesn't care if she loves him or not
    • Xema is moving up as a class hero
    • Erbert fondles Yog
  • Page 14 - Glenda Formulates a Plan
    • Yog visits Glenda again
    • Glenda is upset
      • Too many students are surviving
      • She will make history in a bad way if more don't die.
    • Glenda tries to get Yog to kill Herb or Xema
    • Yog demures
    • Glenda hits on the idea of setting Yog up


And here are another 5 scenes. I'm getting there...slowly but...slowly.

Note that this uses my whacky "pages" which are basically what I write in one day. Each page is supposed to be at least one "manuscript page" or about 250 words.


I had wanted to start coming up with the outline sooner. I really did. But it's here now, so...whatever.

At any rate, the goal with this is bring some sort of order to the bass-ackwards style of writing that I use. Starting at a very basic level, I am simply writing up what happens in each of the segments that I wrote in preparation to try and make the whole thing cohesive. my writing...

Yes friends, this is why I put it off so long.

At any rate, here are the first 5 pages. More to follow soon.

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